Podcast discovery is better together.

Join the community to discover, share, and organize your podcasts all in one place.

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Repod is not just another podcast app

Explore episode recommendations from some of the best podcast discoverers around.

Import your subscriptions and listen to your favorite shows, just like you would on any other podcast app. Join for free on iOS or Android.

Discover episode recommendations

Listen to the best, from the best

Journey beyond the top charts with the help of podcast critics and tastemakers. Repod's community of discoverers share diverse recommendations and find hidden-gems that make discovery a breeze.

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Share recommendations

Podcasts are better with friends

Repod makes it easy to share your favorite podcast moments. Start an episode discussion, curate a playlist, or clip your favorite episode segment. We're a community that wants to hear your voice.

Organize your podcasts

Tidy up your podcasts

Manage and categorize your subscriptions in a way that works best for you. Quickly import your subscriptions from another podcast player, and start collecting, saving, and sharing those memorable podcast moments.

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About Repod

Podcasts inspire us, teach us something new, or captivate us with the way stories are told. Those experiences are rarely shared with one another. Repod hopes to change that and believes podcast discovery is best done together.