A Podcast Discovery App

Repod is a podcast app that helps you discover, share, and discuss podcast episodes.

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The Experience

Listen to the best, skip the rest.

We get it. Not all episodes or series are created equal. The quality of content, guests, and even ad frequency can make or break your listening experience.

To solve this, we specifically designed Repod for episode ratings and conversations. You can now cut through the noise, save time, and only listen to the best episodes.

Journey beyond the podcast.

We’ve all shared a podcast with a friend or colleague. In your text message group, Slack channel, Facebook Messanger and etc. Unorganized. Messy. And frustratingly difficult to search for that one episode your friend shared with you weeks ago.

Repod condenses those sharing moments and conversations into one central location. When you want to share or discuss a podcast with another friend simply @ their username and write them a message.