Repod Teamon May 22, 2021

FAQ for Podcast Creators

Connect with other hosts, engage with your listeners, all in a podcast app.

I'm a host, what can I do on Repod and how does it benefit me?

If you run a podcast (host, producer, etc) you can claim your show on Repod. Claiming your show gives you:

  • Access to a private group discussion with other podcast hosts
  • Your host profile gets a special flair (mic icon and verified badge)
  • Discuss episodes and answer questions from listener
  • Pin a featured episode to the top of your show
  • Analytics to view statistics of those who follow and listen to your show
  • Plus, lots more upcoming features!

How do I claim my show?

Step 1: Claim your show

  1. On your desktop computer, go to
  2. Sign up (remember your password as you'll use the same password when logging into the app)
  3. Search for your show and an email verification code to the email listed in your RSS feed
  4. Input that code sent to your email address
  5. You'll now have access to your Repod dashboard

Step 2: Download the Repod app

  1. Download the Repod podcast app to your phone — iOS or Android
  2. Login w/ the same credentials you used when you signed up at and go through the short onboarding phase

How did you get my podcast information?

We're integrated with and pull your information from their database.

A recent episode of my podcast isn't on Repod or something else is wrong with my show information.

Our app automatically adds new episodes from Listen Notes, usually it's within a couple of hours from when they're released. If something is off or needs to be updated, you can head over to, search for your show, and make the requested change. Or let us know and we'll contact Listen Notes for you.