Podcast Playlists: Share & Create; Follow & Listen

Stay in touch when new episodes of your followed shows get released

Are you a podcast aficionado or the go-to among your friends or coworkers for podcast recommendations?

Create and share a playlist! Simply, give your playlist a name, select the episodes, and send it to any person on or outside of Repod. If you need some inspiration from other playlists then take a look at these starter packs below.

In order to access the playlists, Repod must be installed on your device:

  • daily Dailys - We listen to the top 10 Daily podcast episodes and select our top daily Daily. If you can only listen to only one episode today, listen to this.
  • Episode 1s - A curated list of first, or pilot, episodes from new shows and series. This playlist is the equivalent of browsing New & Noteworthy on Apple Podcasts.
  • Podcast Gumbo Newsletter - Each week, Paul Kondo sifts through 100s of podcast hours to deliver 3 episode recommends every humpday.
  • Need playlist ideas? — find them here link.

Behind the scenes, Repod playlist creators can mark their playlists as hidden or public. A public playlist can be found via search and can be found in other areas throughout the app for other users to find.


What is a podcast playlist?

Put simply, a podcast playlist is a collection of podcast episodes.

How to create a playlist

  1. Navigate over to "Pack"
  2. Tap "Playlists"
  3. "Create a new playlist"
    • Name
    • Search + add episodes

How do I share my playlist?

  1. On any playlist tap the "···"
  2. Tap "Share Playlist"
  3. Select how you'd like to share

How do I add episodes to a playlist?

  1. On any episode tap the "···"
  2. Tap "Add to Playlist"
  3. Select which playlist to add the episode

How do I rearrange or delete episodes from my playlist?

  1. On a playlist that you created, in the top-right tap the "···"
  2. Tap "Edit"
  3. Tap and hold episodes to rearrange
  4. Tap the red circle to delete an episode

Will Repod promote my playlist or someone elses?

Playlist Tips:

This is section includes playlist ideas managed & maintained by the Repod team and members of the community. Read this for helpful tips and resources to all things playlist related. Want to contribute? Let us know hello@repod.io.

Organizing your playlist

Before you jump into creating a playlist, it's important to give your playlist some thought of how to structure the playlist. We suggest organizing your playlist around a primary theme or a topic. This will help other users find your playlist when searching, and provides context to the listener for why you created the playlist.

Examples of how to organize your playlist:

  • Story/Theme: Curate podcast episodes that tell an interesting story; or gather episodes related to the playlist theme.
    • Holiday Spirit - Discover the magic of the holidays
    • Presidential Roundup - A roundup of candidates and the various episodes that discuss their ideology and presidential plans.
  • Interest/Hobby/Activity: Curate episodes around a hobby, activity, or interest.
    • Chefs Take - Cooking for the extended family this holiday season? Take a shortcut and discover the best holiday meals that you can make in under 40 minutes.
    • Rock Climbing - Love rock climbing? A weekly curated playlist containing the very best rock climbing episodes.
    • Board Game - Looking for a new board game or strategies to play
  • Learning: Curate episodes to help someone learn something new
    • How to start an online business - Ever dreamed of making a living working from home? Make that dream a reality with 10 episodes on how to turn your idea into a business.
    • Learning & activities for kids:
      • Brushing teeth (3-7 year olds)
      • ABCs /learning & education
      • Bedtime stories

Playlist Ideas

  • People: Find all episodes that a specific guest/celebrity/influencer appears on and add each episode to a playlist. Name the playlist the actors name (helps with search), and then maintain and update the playlist often.
    • Keanu Reeves
    • Seth Godin
  • News Cycle: Create a playlist around whats trending in the news
    • Mueller Report
    • Trade Wars (i.e. China)
  • Seasonal: Create a playlist around seasonal trends or yearly events.
    • Fantasy football: episodes that discusses the weekly waiver wire, start 'em sit'em, etc
    • Meet the Candidate: episodes with interviews from the Presidential candidates (Episodes with 1:1 interviews of each candidate | i.e. Bernie Sanders on The Joe Rogan Experience)
    • National Holiday: episodes that cover our national holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas) and help educate listeners about the origin of the holiday, notable figures or people, recipes, party ideas, etc.
  • Trips: Create a playlist for future activities or planned events such as a long drive or flying.
    • Road trip / long drive
      • if you are about to embark on a camping trip and have a long drive ahead of you, then we could create a playlist for camping tips and practical wilderness advice. Dont eat X, how to start a campfire, ghost stories, how to stay safe, etc
    • Airplane
      • Create bingeable airplane playlists and call them out by flight duration. Could a single series (like The Dropout) or multiple single episodes talking about a specific topic.
        • 1 - 2 | 5+ hr flight
    • Family Friendly
      • No bad language, something with broad and general interest for all family members. Could be fiction or a story that the whole family would enjoy.
  • Tutorials / Learning / Education
    • The History of America
    • Learn to code
  • Mood
    • Put me to bed
    • Get Motivated
    • Workout
    • Under 20 minutes
  • Career / Hobbies / Etc
    • Christianity
    • Board Game Design
    • D&D

What are you waiting for; start rounding up your favorite episodes and turn them into shareable playlist!

-Repod team