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Best Current Affairs Podcasts: Episodes & Shows of June 01, 2022

Top Current Affairs Episodes

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The list of the top 10 Current Affairs episodes for June 2022 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily Current Affairs charts can be found inside the app.
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    Star Spangled Eurovision
    Star Spangled EurovisionThe Annual Star Spangled Eurovision Preview Show!
    "This is kinda what I wanted - a Eurovision podcast with some geekiness, lots of love for the contest, and wildly incorrect guesses. They also take politics and current events into context, which is what was missing for me with other podcasts. That said, it's not super well-produced. "
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    The Dig
    The DigGaza with Aya Alghazzawi & Issam Adwan
    "Another really important listen about the attack on Gaza. You can really hear the urgency and pain as the two journalists describe what life has been like in Gaza recently, as well as over the past 15 years. "
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    "Couldn't skip this last episode of TrueAnon, and indeed, I wasn't disappointed. I love their take on the trial as a whole, and their interpretation of how it ended. "
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    Chapo Trap House
    Chapo Trap HouseUNLOCKED: Will interviews Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls
    "So inspiring! There's not much good in the world, so these Amazon and Starbucks union efforts are really inspiring. I'm excited for this new and genuinely progressive labor movement. "
  • 5
    Bad Faith
    Bad FaithEpisode 11 - Breaking The Law
    "I've been really enjoying Bad Faith so far! Brianna and Virgil's dynamic continues to amuse, and they're both great discussion moderators. The panel this ep was made up of lawyers and academics, and the discussion centered around the supreme court, Amy Coney Barrett, and what the originalist position is all about. If you're interested in law or politics it's a must-listen. "

Travis Osterhaus

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