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Best Educational Podcasts: Episodes & Shows of June 01, 2023

Top Educational Episodes

A quick Google search will provide you with a list of highly recommended educational podcasts. However, we have found this is not enough. In situations where you want to listen to an exciting knowledge-filled episode in your free time, the names of the shows don’t cut it. This is where we come in. Together with the Repod community of listeners, we keep a curated list of the best educational episodes. These episodes are voted for by listeners who have been able to gauge the quality of content offered by these podcasts. Give one a listen.
The list of the top 10 Educational episodes for June 2023 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily Educational charts can be found inside the app.
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    Motley Fool Money
    Motley Fool MoneyRamit Sethi on Spending, Renting, and Financial Misconceptions
    "I had no Intentions of watching the new Netflix show “How to Get Rich” but after hearing Sethi’s interview, I’m intrigued! He’s got a very simple and relatable philosophy and I like how he challenges the traditional out there who say things like “renting is just paying your landlord’s mortgage”"
  • 2
    Stuff You Should Know
    Stuff You Should KnowWhat's the deal with intermittent fasting?
    "I was pleasantly surprised at the take aways from this episode. The most important one to me is not to judge people for their bodies, but also that one of the most important changes that come with a diet is just a shift in mentality with how you look at food and your own eating habits."
  • 3
    Science Vs
    Science VsSkin Care: Is Anti-Aging a Scam?
    "Soooo mixed feelings about this episode, but overall pretty good. If you find yourself spending a lot on skincare hoping for big changes it's definitely worth a listen. That said, the anti-aging focus flattens the benefits of a lot of the ingredients they discuss. Plus, the stratum corneum also deserves love, and ingredients that don't penetrate past it are still useful. "
  • 4
    "I’m guilty of it. Saying “sorry” all the time even if the situation doesn’t really warrant a “sorry”. Fascinating listen. Thanks podgeek.sadiemae for the recco!"
  • 5
    On Purpose with Jay Shetty
    On Purpose with Jay ShettyJoe Dispenza ON: Why Stress and Overthinking Negatively Impacts Your Brain and Heart & How to Change Your Habits on Autopilot
    "Usually, I’m not a huge listener of Jay Shetty, but my sis recommended Joe Dispenza (the guest) and it was interesting! The fight/flight response and how it wires your brain. Really enjoyed it. "
  • 6
    iilluminaughtiiNoom Is Lying–They Are a Diet App | Multi Level Mondays
    "I’ve come across several of Noom’s ads, and didn’t think too much about it. My girlfriend also tried it out too. From the sounds of it, Noom is using shaky science with sketchy business practices to make a misleading app. This makes me want to research diets more."
  • 7
    Hidden Brain
    Hidden BrainSuccess 2.0: The Obstacles You Don't See
    "I love this idea of analyzing problems from the point of view of friction, not fuel. I will admit, it is much easier to just improve your idea. The alternative requires research and analysis to see exactly where the friction is. But if you’re struggling to convince people to see the good in your ideas, I highly recommend listening to this episode."
  • 8
    Huberman Lab
    Huberman LabDr. Elissa Epel: Control Stress for Healthy Eating, Metabolism & Aging
    "I enjoy these Hubermanlab podcasts but I wish they were shorter with a sort of audio version summary of a quick guide to the indepth information he shares. "
  • 9
    Writing Excuses
    Writing Excuses18.23: Our Advice on Giving Advice
    "If you’re a writer trying to give advice to another writer, then you’ll want to listen to this episode. It covers some wonderful ways to give advice and I love the “tools, not rules” perspective."
  • 10
    Huberman Lab
    Huberman LabDr. Satchin Panda: Intermittent Fasting to Improve Health, Cognition & Longevity
    "Listening to Satchin Panda will make you reconsider your relationship with light and sleep. Easiest thing to do is sleep earlier and learn some extra tips for optimal health. "

Editors Choice: Top Educational Shows

Mostly, we find that with home improvement, there’s always something new to learn. If you’re like us, you’re probably interested in simple DIY hacks that can be useful in improving the home. To that end, there are podcast shows with educational content in the DIY niche. However, the best part is that there’s more. Some podcasts cover different educational topics in a bid to improve listeners across the board. Wherever you’re looking to develop yourself, we’ve got just the podcast shows to do just that.
The list of the top 10 best Educational podcasts of 2023 is a compilation of the editor’s choice + collaboration with the Repod community.
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    Revisionist History
  • Broken Harts
    Broken Harts
  • Stuff You Should Know
    Stuff You Should Know
  • 99% Invisible
    99% Invisible
  • Radiolab
  • TED Talks Daily
    TED Talks Daily
  • Freakonomics Radio
    Freakonomics Radio
  • Reply All
    Reply All
  • Hidden Brain
    Hidden Brain
  • Planet Money
    Planet Money

Travis Osterhaus

Learning never stops. Every day of your life, whether it’s something as simple as learning how to use Twitter or picking up a new language, there’s always new information to digest. Learning is a progressive curve that can significantly impact the quality of our lives. As a result, it’s essential to continually find new ways to keep learning. Educational podcasts can provide you with an avenue to do just that. Because there is so much to learn from educational podcasts make a listening choice become complicated. Not to worry, we’ve educated ourselves to recommend the best educational podcasts for enthusiasts like yourself. The simple solution is to provide you with specially curated lists of top-rated podcast shows and episodes. From educational podcasts that teach how to play a musical instrument to those centered on learning DIY crafts, our lists cover a range of topics. Let’s get to learning.

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