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Best Educational Podcasts: Episodes & Shows of July 01, 2021

Top Educational Episodes

A quick Google search will provide you with a list of highly recommended educational podcasts. However, we have found this is not enough. In situations where you want to listen to an exciting knowledge-filled episode in your free time, the names of the shows don’t cut it. This is where we come in. Together with the Repod community of listeners, we keep a curated list of the best educational episodes. These episodes are voted for by listeners who have been able to gauge the quality of content offered by these podcasts. Give one a listen.
The list of the top 10 Educational episodes for July 2021 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily Educational charts can be found inside the app.
  • 1
    HealthyGamerGGUnlocking Your Motivation | Community Stream
    "If you struggle with motivation like me and you have 20 minutes, please listen to the first 20 minutes of this podcast. It’s extremely informative to help understand the nature of motivation and it primes you to be more motivated about what you want to do in your life. I especially love his talk about anxiety and hedonism, and how it can knock motivation out of your mind."
  • 2
    Maintenance Phase
    Maintenance PhaseThe Wellness to QAnon Pipeline
    "Loved this discussion about how the wellness industry can sometimes be a "gateway drug" to QAnon! I'm looking at you Dr Oz 👀👀 "
  • 3
    RadiolabThe Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream Tub
    "I never expected to learn that such a wierd name for a drug came from such a place- or could heal so many people "
  • 4
    Life Kit
    Life KitA Sunscreen Evangelist Explains The Importance Of SPF
    "DONT FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN, PEOPLE! ☀️☀️☀️ If you think you know everything there is to know about sunscreen, think again. Lots of great advice in this episode! ☀️ Always buy SPF 30 and above ☀️ UVA rays = Aging, UVB rays = Burning ☀️ Reapply every 2 hours when spending prolonged periods outside "
  • 5
    The Danny Miranda Podcast
    The Danny Miranda Podcast#104: Nathan Barry – The Power of Writing Online
    "Super interesting to hear Nathan talk about his (pre covid) homeschool experience. They way in which he talks about being in charge of his educational experience and his parents willingness to let him not confirm to “the regular playbook” is reminiscent of my 90s homeschool experience. I think there is merit to this unconventional approach. "
  • 6
    Ologies with Alie Ward
    Ologies with Alie WardForaging Ecology (EATING WILD PLANTS) with @BlackForager, Alexis Nikole Nelson
    "This expert is "the black forager" on Instagram and tiktok - I've been following then all year and it's so cool they're on this show!! Learn about how to forage in your backyard! "
  • 7
    The Next Big Idea
    The Next Big IdeaAI: The Extraordinary Story of the Tech That’s Changing the World
    "Excellent, very listenable survey of AI history, why tech giants are singularly obsessed with it, and how it’s already changing the world. "
  • 8
    iilluminaughtiiGreenpeace: Trial and Error | Corporate Casket
    "I’ve been donating to Greenpeace, but after hearing this, I’m not so sure anymore. It sounds like the charges against them are how they are ineffective and more about marketing than anything else, but I found the spread of misinformation to be especially insidious. The last few years has shown us the consequences of misinformation and any nonprofit that knowingly spreads it is bad in my book."
  • 9
    The Tim Ferriss Show
    The Tim Ferriss Show#522: Anne Lamott on Spiritual Fitness, Creative Process, Redecorating the Abyss, and The Perennial Magic of "Bird by Bird"
    "Anne Lamott (author of the fantastic book on writing, Bird by Bird) is a guest that I could listen to on repeat. She’s so honest and candid in her discussion with Tim. Powerful moment highlighted in the clip where Tim Ferriss tells the story of his suicide attempt."
  • 10
    Popular Front
    Popular Front121. The Aftermath of Hong Kong's Failed Uprising
    "It's a great summation of what's happening here, all sad, families who can are leaving the city and divesting their savings from hk bank accounts. At the same time life on the streets hasn't changed whatsoever. "

Editors Choice: Top Educational Shows

Mostly, we find that with home improvement, there’s always something new to learn. If you’re like us, you’re probably interested in simple DIY hacks that can be useful in improving the home. To that end, there are podcast shows with educational content in the DIY niche. However, the best part is that there’s more. Some podcasts cover different educational topics in a bid to improve listeners across the board. Wherever you’re looking to develop yourself, we’ve got just the podcast shows to do just that.
The list of the top 10 best Educational podcasts of 2021 is a compilation of the editor’s choice + collaboration with the Repod community.
  • Revisionist History
    Revisionist History
  • Broken Harts
    Broken Harts
  • Stuff You Should Know
    Stuff You Should Know
  • 99% Invisible
    99% Invisible
  • Radiolab
  • TED Talks Daily
    TED Talks Daily
  • Freakonomics Radio
    Freakonomics Radio
  • Reply All
    Reply All
  • Hidden Brain
    Hidden Brain
  • Planet Money
    Planet Money

Travis Osterhaus

Learning never stops. Every day of your life, whether it’s something as simple as learning how to use Twitter or picking up a new language, there’s always new information to digest. Learning is a progressive curve that can significantly impact the quality of our lives. As a result, it’s essential to continually find new ways to keep learning. Educational podcasts can provide you with an avenue to do just that. Because there is so much to learn from educational podcasts make a listening choice become complicated. Not to worry, we’ve educated ourselves to recommend the best educational podcasts for enthusiasts like yourself. The simple solution is to provide you with specially curated lists of top-rated podcast shows and episodes. From educational podcasts that teach how to play a musical instrument to those centered on learning DIY crafts, our lists cover a range of topics. Let’s get to learning.

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