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Best Science Fiction / Sci-FI Podcasts: Episodes & Shows of December 01, 2022

Top Science Fiction / Sci-FI Episodes

These top Science Fiction & Fiction episodes are voted upon by the Repod community. Download Repod to contibute to the charts and vote your favorite episodes to the top.
The list of the top 10 Science Fiction / Sci-FI episodes for December 2022 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily Science Fiction / Sci-FI charts can be found inside the app.
  • 1
    From Now
    From NowSome Kind of Impostor | Episode 1
    "New sci-fi audio drama! One episode out, but I’m already intrigued..."
  • 2
    The Left Right Game
    The Left Right GameHas Anyone Heard of The Left Right Game? | Episode 1
  • 3
    SPECTRE1.01 \\ A Way Out
    "This is a new sci-fi show that I'm a part of and it's SO GOOD! I adore the sound design (I'm allowed to say this cause I didn't do it) - it's super immersive and intense. The story is great, and I know for a fact that this podcast is going to go somewhere very cool. Go listen! "
  • 4
    CeleritasS1E1 | Engine Test 2B
  • 5
    From Now
    From NowIncoming | Episode 3
  • 6
    From Now
    From NowWhen the Time Comes | Episode 2
    "This episode was so good! Lance Reddick was an amazing guest, and the two stars of the show finally meet. Madden and Cox have great chemistry with one another, but Madden stole the show. As a horror fan, I feel like this is a setup to something like Event Horizon, but the promises and potential from the first episode are well delivered on in this episode. I’m excited to see where this Pod goes."
  • 7
    CeleritasS1E3 | P.O.L.O.
    "Very excited to announce the release of the next two episodes of Celeritas! Capt. Keating has barely survived the gravity assist ordeal and now has to figure out how to get back to Earth… and what year it is."
  • 8
    From Now
    From NowUntil Then | Episode 6
  • 9
    The Night Terrors Podcast
    The Night Terrors PodcastFog by Josef K.
    "Oh my goodness, I love this episode. Wonderful writing and a stellar performance crash into one beautiful, horrific spectacle for your mind’s eye. The episode before this wasn’t bad too, but this episode was a knock out for me. The only criticism I have is that the music in the beginning was a bit loud and distracting. But once the story takes off that minor point shrinks into a small side note."
  • 10
    CeleritasS1E4 | The Climb

Editors Choice: Top Science Fiction / Sci-FI Shows

Whether it's your first time trying an audio drama story, or are a seasoned explorer, you'll be sure to enjoy these out-of-this-world audio adventures. In no particular order here are the best science fiction podcasts to listen to, and remember, most of these sci-fi podcasts listed below are serialized stories so you'll want to start at the beginning with the first episode of each show.
The list of the top 6 best Science Fiction / Sci-FI podcasts of 2022 is a compilation of the editor’s choice + collaboration with the Repod community.
  • The Hyacinth Disaster
    The Hyacinth Disaster
  • Girl In Space
    Girl In Space
  • Mission To Zyxx
    Mission To Zyxx
  • Wolf 359
    Wolf 359
  • Edict Zero - FIS
    Edict Zero - FIS

Travis Osterhaus

Transport your imagination into the future with our pick for the best science fiction podcasts. Outerspace, aliens, colonization — we've listened and pulled together a list of our favorite sci-fi audio dramas. From the dark & creepy, to intergalactic traveling aliens, science fiction podcasts tales are all about leaving it up to your imagination. Unlike the movie industry where sci-fi movies are heavily dependent on CGI and other computer animated graphics, audio dramas are designed so that listeners can immerse themselves within the audio experience of the story. The downfall is that if the sound engineering is poor quality, or one of the voice actors pitch annoys you then it's difficult to continue on. Thus, all the more importance for this vetted list of popular, quality audio dramas. And so, thus born are the best Science Fiction podcasts, starting with the top episodes this month.

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