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Football / NFL Podcast Charts of 2020

Last updated on Oct 01, 2020

The Best Football / NFL Episodes for October 2020

Want to listen to a show on a specific topic right now related to football, without sifting through the archives of many sports networks? Or do you just want to hear several perspectives on the latest trade rumors, premier team updates and free agency pickups? Here is a list of episodes that can help satisfy your college football or NFL podcast needs. These are the top-rated episodes, as voted by other football and NFL fans from the Repod community. Whether you want to know your team’s new draft pick is a good find or a bust, or you’re curious how your division is shaping up for the playoffs, these episodes are a must listen. Best of all, you may discover a new football analyst or host to follow.
The list of the top 10 Football / NFL episodes for October 2020 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily Football / NFL charts can be found inside the app.
  • 1
    Pardon My Take
    Pardon My TakeNFL Preview With Warren Sharp, Actor Blake Anderson, Peter King Did A Doobie
    "Always exciting to have Warren Sharp on before NFL season. I was shocked to hear his NFC predictions 👀 "
  • 2
    The Ringer NFL Show
    The Ringer NFL ShowBye Bill O'Brien, Stephon Gilmore and the NFL's Rising COVID-19 Problem, and the Chicago Bears' Offensive Struggles | The Ringer NFL Show
    "Great pod to hear about safety in the NFL in the time of COVID. Also the spotlight is on Bill O'Brien, the man who ruined the Texans, culminating in the botched DeAndre Hopkins trade. Tune in for latest football news and more. "
  • 3
    The Ringer NFL Show
    The Ringer NFL ShowAnother Pats-Seahawks Classic, Week 2 Injuries, and Bad Coaching | The Ringer NFL Show
    "Episode talks about the Cam Newton and Russell Wilson matchup, and talks about how Wilson in particular deserved MVP. A great recap of a big matchup in the NFL restart, and covers a lot of injury ramification for NFL teams. Great insight into the state of the game on this very day. "
  • 4
    Pardon My Take
    Pardon My TakeFootball Is Back, Tony Hawk, And Bigger Than Ben Part 3
    "“Fantasy lax bros” was a great change "
  • 5
    The Ringer NFL Show
    The Ringer NFL ShowDak Prescott's Injury, Quinn and Dimitroff Fired, and COVID's Schedule Shake-up
    "Dak Prescott's injury dampens the Cowboys' dismal outlook on the season even further. Hate to see anyone get injured but for projections on the Texans and how they do with Andy Dalton this podcast is it. Love the NFL news here. "
  • 6
    The Ringer NFL Show
    The Ringer NFL ShowLamar vs. Mahomes, Brees's Slow Start With Terez Paylor, and Take Mulligans | The Ringer NFL Show
    "This podcast covers two MVP candidates who seem like perennial rivals in the award races. Mahomes vs Jackson seemed to be answered when Mahomes won the Superbowl, but this podcast gives it a deeper dive. For a discussion about two of the best young quarterbacks and insightful analysis, this is the podcast. "
  • 7
    Pardon My Take
    Pardon My TakeNFL Week 2 Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes & NBA Playoffs
  • 8
    Pardon My Take
    Pardon My TakeAlex Rodriguez, In Luka We Trust And Who's Back Of The Week
  • 9
    The Ringer NFL Show
    The Ringer NFL ShowMichael Thomas Is Suspended, and Ranking the Best Players on the Browns
    "Michael Thomas getting suspended seemed reasonable for a practice fight. We all know feelings get tense in sports but if someone like Miles Garett was suspended, it makes sense for Thomas to be as well. "
  • 10
    Around the NFL
    Around the NFLMonday Night Football, TUESDAY Night Football and League Conspiracy Theories

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Football is one of the most popular sports in America but has the shortest season of any of the major leagues. As a result, it’s essential to get your fill throughout the football season and keep up on free agency news and the draft in the off-season. How do you do it? Unless you have a ton of free time, you need a way to get quick recaps of games, updates on trade rumors, fantasy football rankings and more. That’s where a podcast comes in. A great podcast host not only tells you what happened, but they also help you analyze it and give you a new perspective. Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date on either NBA or college football all year long! However, there are thousands of football podcasts available. How do you know which podcasts are worth listening to and which shows or episodes are a waste of time? You can certainly take a hit-or-miss approach, but you’re likely to miss much more than you hit. Instead, rely on the podcasts lists below to point you to right direction of the All-Pro podcast shows and episodes that are genuinely worth your time. These episodes and shows are voted on by other sports listeners, so you know other football fans love them!