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Best History Podcasts: Episodes & Shows of May 01, 2022

Top History Episodes

With more than 30 million podcast episodes littering the internet, how will you ever find the perfect episode about history to invest your time into? To help save you time, we did the leg work and listed the top history podcast episodes for you. Whether they are amusing, informative, inspiring, or educational, we’ve highlighted the best and posted them below. How do we know they’re the ‘best’? Because our listeners voted on them. To find some gems is always a time saver for someone with little time to waste. Now all you got to do is select an episode that is unique to you and press play.
The list of the top 10 History episodes for May 2022 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily History charts can be found inside the app.
  • 1
    Ghostlore of Hawaii:  Paranormal Paradise
    Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal ParadiseEp. 14: The Hole
    "I love the way Uncle Jared used his voice here. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I love how it’s perfect for an aside joke and then a few minutes later, flips into a gruesome narration. This episode’s story is horrifying. I’m pretty sure my mental image of that “saw” scene is going to flash before my eyes whenever I have to stick my hand any where I can’t see it. "
  • 2
    Ghostlore of Hawaii:  Paranormal Paradise
    Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal ParadiseEp. 13: Family Possessions (Season 2 Premiere)
    "Hi everyone! The first episode of Season 2 of my podcast Ghostlore of Hawaii just dropped! It's based on a story by Master Storyteller, Lopaka Kapanui. He and his family run one of the best haunted tours in the Islands (and in the US) as well as a YouTube channel. Hope you can tune in to the episode and please check out Mysteries of Hawaii! Tell them Uncle Jared sent ya! 🤙"
  • 3
    Dark History
    Dark History33: The TRUTH behind Central Park, Lake Lanier and Dodger Stadium
    "I really like this host. I never knew the story behind Central Park or Dodgers Stadium. Lake Lanier is super horrible too. Could definitely listen to a deep dive on anybody these individually. True crime via the establishment"
  • 4
    Ghostlore of Hawaii:  Paranormal Paradise
    Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal ParadiseEp. 15: Mysterious Creatures Found in Hawaii
    "I didn’t know so many different invasive species have caused so much damage to Hawaii’s ecosystem. I appreciate the information in this episode though and I think the idea of being stalked by a large cat that has no business being in the ecosystem you live in is pretty terrifying. Also those frogs sound obnoxious. I wonder why nothing in Hawaii will eat them?"
  • 5
    History Daily
    History DailyEarth Day
    "Emmett Harper and I were just talking about how Earth Day started. Little did we know, a father of a very well-known podcaster came up with the term."
  • 6
    The Golden Ghouls
    The Golden GhoulsEpisode 167 - Ghoul Talk, Volume 34
    "Oh my gosh I don’t want to listen to my own stories 😳😆"
  • 7
    Ghostlore of Hawaii:  Paranormal Paradise
    Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal ParadiseEp. 16: Hawaii’s Haunted Hotels (Part 1)
  • 8
    Obscura: A True Crime Podcast
    Obscura: A True Crime PodcastS03E14: The Joseph Wesbecker Murders - Prozac in the Printing Plant
    "A disturbed man makes threats against his coworkers, but the company ignores it. In doing so, they were unable to avoid the violence coming their way. "
  • 9
    The Golden Ghouls
    The Golden GhoulsEpisode 166 - Perry's Wrinkles
    "Join us this week as we share stories of legends and hauntings in Mississippi, including King's Tavern, the Witch of Yazoo and Merrehope!"
  • 10
    UK True Crime Podcast
    UK True Crime PodcastThe Lawyer: Episode 278
    "A young Scottish lawyer is killed in his home, which was then set on fire. Who could do this to someone in his prime?"

Editors Choice: Top History Shows

Even within a popular history-related podcast, there may be shows that are more special than the others. Ones that capture the imagination, stir the heart, or perhaps tell such a compelling true story where listeners are moved. That podcast might have revealed something of impact and significance that you never thought of before or heard of anywhere else. Some of these historical stories might inspire you or give you a greater perspective into why things happened the way they did. When it comes to history, there’s always a reason why. And when it’s properly explained, it all makes more sense. You value history even more. Trust our listeners that these podcasts stand out from the others, as special and worthy of a listen. We’ve listed them for you and we’re sure you’ll enjoy these best history podcasts.
The list of the top 10 best History podcasts of 2022 is a compilation of the editor’s choice + collaboration with the Repod community.
  • Stuff You Should Know
    Stuff You Should Know
  • 99% Invisible
    99% Invisible
  • TED Radio Hour
    TED Radio Hour
  • Revisionist History
    Revisionist History
  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
  • Darknet Diaries
    Darknet Diaries
  • Lore
  • Throughline
  • Slow Burn
    Slow Burn
  • Casefile True Crime
    Casefile True Crime

Travis Osterhaus

Are you tired of watching the news? Are you looking for an escape to another time? We have an excellent suggestion for you: history podcasts. Now we’re not talking about digging up those dusty books you dreaded reading in high school. Podcasts about history are stories narrated with style and passion. They’re tales that’ll fascinate and sweep you into, otherworldly times. You’d also be surprised to know, they’re not all about wars and revolutions. They come in many flavors. Whether the podcast is about ancient history to the 20th century, you will learn many interesting things about how history has shaped our present. There are thousands of historical topics out there to choose from. But how do you find the ones worth listening to? The Repod community has curated the best and most popular shows and episodes for you. These podcasts might teach you something or simply remind you to smile… sit back… and enjoy a moment from the past.

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