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Best Management & Leadership Podcasts: Episodes & Shows of January 01, 2021

Top Management & Leadership Episodes

The number of podcast episodes increase in popularity, especially the episodes dedicated to business, management and leadership. The good news is that you'll find at least one episode aimed at your particular area of interest. Whether you're looking for sales-focused shows or the issues of leading successful businesses, look no further. Our podcast listeners have confidently recommended the best management podcast shows and episodes to hone those leadership abilities.
The list of the top 10 Management & Leadership episodes for January 2021 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily Management & Leadership charts can be found inside the app.
  • 1
    SwayIn Hollywood, Women Are Seen as ‘a Risk’
    "I’m the only person who hasn’t watched the Queen’s Gambit, but I still loved this interview with Marielle Heller, who plays Alma. Three reasons for that: before her return to acting, Heller directed two movies I really like — Can You Ever Forgive Me? and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; she has a strong POV about gender inequality in Hollywood; and Kara Swisher lets her go deep on that topic."
  • 2
    How I Built This with Guy Raz
    How I Built This with Guy RazKodiak Cakes: Joel Clark
    "I for one, really enjoy Kodiak Cakes- so fun to hear their story"
  • 3
    creativeBTSNathalie Balda, Sr. Social Manager at Prime Video, on the role of social media in entertainment
    "I always wondered how sm managers who controlled extremely popular accounts figure out what needs approval to post and what can be posted spur the moment. Great interview with Nathalie Balda 👇👇"
  • 4
    Odd Lots
    Odd LotsWhy the Cost of Shipping Goods From China Is Suddenly Soaring
    "@bekaho check this out. "
  • 5
    How I Built This with Guy Raz
    How I Built This with Guy RazAuthor and Podcaster: Tim Ferriss
  • 6
    AudienceAward-winning podcast producer Eric Johnson
    "Self-promotion warning: I’m on this podcast! I talked with Matt Medeiros from the podcast hosting platform Castos about the company I recently launched, BumbleCast, and how we’re helping podcasters of all sizes start & grow their shows. I also talk about Joe Rogan & Spotify, and why some true crime podcasts make me feel icky."
  • 7
    Village Global's Venture Stories
    Village Global's Venture StoriesA Playbook For Fundraising with Marc McCabe
  • 8
    How I Built This with Guy Raz
    How I Built This with Guy RazRiot Games: Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill
  • 9
    The Mindset Mentor
    The Mindset MentorHow to Fix a Sh*tty Day
    "When you’re having a shitty day Rob Dial offers great advice to get back on track. Try focusing on your nutrition, exercise, music (have a happy playlist), the people you hangout with, self talk, and other tips. If you’re having a bad day then give this a listen!"
  • 10
    The Tim Ferriss Show
    The Tim Ferriss Show#494: Michael Phelps and Grant Hackett — Two Legends on Competing, Overcoming Adversity, Must-Read Books, and Much More

Editors Choice: Top Management & Leadership Shows

The best leadership podcasts are waiting for you to engage with. The top-rated leadership podcast shows on this list cover different aspects of leadership and management, including building trust, improving interpersonal relationships, training new team members, and more. These management podcasts come in different formats, including interviews, detailed teaching sessions, and more. Whatever your reasons are for diving into the world of leadership podcasts, you'll come away knowing more and being a better leader and manager for that knowledge.
The list of the top 6 best Management & Leadership podcasts of 2021 is a compilation of the editor’s choice + collaboration with the Repod community.
  • HBR IdeaCast
    HBR IdeaCast
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
    The Tim Ferriss Show
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz
    How I Built This with Guy Raz
  • The EntreLeadership Podcast
    The EntreLeadership Podcast
  • Beyond the To-Do List
    Beyond the To-Do List
  • The Tony Robbins Podcast
    The Tony Robbins Podcast

Travis Osterhaus

John F. Kennedy once said that leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. In fact, no matter where you go to find your leadership inspiration, virtually every source agrees that it's vital for personal and professional development. Yet, there are only so many hours in a day, and if you find yourself staring at an ever-growing pile of books to read, you might want to consider listening to podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to get access to the best leadership skills and strategies used by experienced management professionals. Business leadership and management is a broad field. However, it's fair to say that there is an overwhelming number of podcasts on management and leadership out there. As a result, even if you listen to a particular show for weeks, you may not find the content you are looking for. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered to find new and unique podcasts. The Repod community of devoted podcast fans and leadership learners voted and reviewed their favorite shows and best episodes to help you develop your management skills and become an engaging leader.

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