News Podcasts: Best Episodes & Shows of 2020

Travis OsterhausLast updated on Aug 01, 2020
Selecting a new podcast isn't always easy as it depends on the style of the podcast, host, guests, length of the episode, whether it's an interview or a story, an episode or an entire series, topic at hand, and many other factors. You could waste lots of time randomly listening to podcasts or, with the help of the Repod community, explore the best News podcasts as voted upon by the Repod community. Read on to discover podcast recommendations that we've organized by 1) the top episodes and 2) our pick for the top shows.

The Best News Episodes for August 2020

Each month the Repod listeners vote on the best News episodes on the month. To contribute to the charts download Repod and like 🧡 your favorite episodes.
The list of the top 10 News episodes for August 2020 is compliled from Repod’s podcast app chart data. The list below is updated monthly, daily News charts can be found inside the app.
  • 1
    This American Life

    This American Life

    711: How to Be Alone
    "The astronaut analogy was spot on describing COVID life"
  • 2
    The Gist

    The Gist

    Usain Bolt’s Greatness Code
    "Surprised to hear that Bolt’s favorite race is the 200m and not the 100m. "
  • 3
    California City

    California City

    How I Found Out About California City
    "Uhhh this might be one of the most interesting series I’ve listened to all year. And I absolutely love the host/narrator"
  • 4
    This American Life

    This American Life

    703: Stuck!
    "The response from Elna to Ira Glass’s “white man” comment was pretty funny. I’m sure they could have easily edited that out but I’m glad they didn’t."
  • 5
    Land of the Giants

    Land of the Giants

    “Netflix is a team, not a family”
    "Great series! This season’s focus is on Netflix (precious season centered on Amazon). I’m through episode three and definitely would recommend. "
  • 6
    Loud & Clear

    Loud & Clear

    Biden Worked With Police "Union" to Erect Mass Incarceration System
  • 7
    The Bellingcat Podcast

    The Bellingcat Podcast

    The Hunt
  • 8
    Code Switch

    Code Switch

    The Long, Bloody Strike For Ethnic Studies
  • 9
    Planet Money

    Planet Money

    Seed Spy
    "Interesting story about a seed scientist who develops new kinds seed strains. Then, one day the FBI shows up to his house..."
  • 10
    Snacks Daily

    Snacks Daily

    “You have to be this tall to get in the S&P 500” — Tesla’s profit shocker. Ben & Jerry’s e-ice cream. Microsoft bundle-bullies Slack.

Editors Choice: Top News Shows In 2020

With so many different podcasts to choose from, which ones are the best of the best? We've combed through the top podcast shows and have come up with a list of the best News podcasts to listen to in 2020.
The list of the top 10 best News podcasts of 2020 is a compilation of the editor’s choice + collaboration with the Repod community.
  • Dirty John
    Dirty John
  • Conviction
  • TrueAnon
  • Longform
  • Behind the Bastards
    Behind the Bastards
  • 60 Minutes
    60 Minutes
  • 48 Hours
    48 Hours
  • The Tip Off
    The Tip Off
  • Sworn
  • 88 Days: The Jayme Closs Story
    88 Days: The Jayme Closs Story

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