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I Weigh with Jameela Jamil
I Weigh with Jameela Jamil


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Posts in I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

December 22, 2021
How did I miss this? I'm a huge fan of ContraPoints, and it's so weird to hear Natalie Wynn interviewed by someone like Jameela Jamil. I think at times Jameela doesn't quite get the point, but this was still fascinating and allowed Natalie to go quite deep about cringe and harassment in a way that I think was very positive.
Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints)
Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints)December 03, 2021 ‚ÄĘ 84m
December 11, 2020
A bit heavy for a Friday but very important insight in the plight of a refugee‚̧ԳŹ
Josie Naughton
Josie NaughtonDecember 11, 2020 ‚ÄĘ 63m
Open in repod to see more
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