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Posts in Life is Short with Justin Long

June 14, 2022
LOVED Severance. Great high concept world that always kept you just the right amount of fascinated and confused. Also Adam Scott was perfect.
Ben Stiller 😜
Ben Stiller 😜June 07, 2022 • 82m
June 08, 2022
I’m interested but I don’t have Apple TV. It’s a shame because it seems like they’ve got a lot of great stuff on there but I’m not really in the market for a new streaming bill at the moment lol
Ben Stiller 😜
Ben Stiller 😜June 07, 2022 • 82m
June 07, 2022
Anybody else watching Severance? Just knowing the concept from the first episode was enough to get me hooked. Then I find out Ben Stiller directed the series? His style of directing is so minimalist, considered and intentional, nothing I would have imagined from his onscreen personality. Not even 1 crazy Dutch angle! Anyway, watch Severance if you can.
Ben Stiller 😜
Ben Stiller 😜June 07, 2022 • 82m
April 05, 2020
Great interview If you love Jim Hopper from Stranger Things! Chats about his acting career Travis Osterhaus this clip is about gambling with the real Oreo guy in Rounders 🤣
David Harbour 🙄😜
David Harbour 🙄😜March 31, 2020 • 111m
July 03, 2019
Travis Osterhaus and karaoke god
Jeremy Renner 👍🖕
Jeremy Renner 👍🖕July 02, 2019 • 73m
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