The Save The Marriage Podcast

Your New Year Renewal Plan

December 27, 2018, 1:45 am • 20m

It's just around the corner... just days away.  The end of this year and the beginning of a New Year. A new beginning.  A fresh start. A renewal of your efforts to save your marriage. Many times, as time wears on, when an effort wears on... we tend to drift.  Sometimes, we know it.  Other times, it just creeps up on us.  We think we are following a plan... but we aren't. This is a great time to take a quick step back, then take a strong step forward.  It is a time to renew your approach, your clarity, and your determination. On this week's podcast episode, I cover 4 areas of renewal.  When put together, you will be off to a great start into the New Year, renewed and recommitted to your efforts to save and improve your marriage. Listen below for more on these 4 key areas of renewal. RELATED RESOURCES: Show Up You Need A Plan Expectations and Marriage What You CAN Control Save The Marriage  System Book:  How To Save Your Marriage in 3 Simple Steps

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