#37 John

#37 John

Heavyweight Gimlet
October 07, 2021 • 36m
Before he became a best-selling author, John Green was going to dedicate his life to God. Until he crossed paths with Nick. Twenty years later, John sets off to find Nick and revisit the day that changed the course of both their lives.CreditsHeavyweight is hosted and produced by Jonathan Goldstein.This episode was produced by senior producer Kalila Holt, along with Stevie Lane and Mohini Madgavkar.Special thanks to Emily Condon, Reverend Patricia Shelden, Alex Blumberg, Caitlin Kenney, Gabby Bulgarelli, and Jackie Cohen.The show was mixed by Bobby Lord. Music by Christine Fellows, John K Samson, Blue Dot Sessions, and Bobby Lord. Our...

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