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262-How Risky is Your Income? Applying the Concepts of Diversification to Wages and Profits

November 19, 2015, 9:43 pm • 40m

We talk a lot about diversification within the context of investments. But what about diversification of your income? After all, how risky is it for you to depend on a single source of income to fund your life and lifestyle? The paradox is this: the more specialized you become in your career, the more you can earn. But the more specialized you are, the riskier your income is! The challenge is for us to figure out how to reconcile these two things. Today, I share my thoughts on the subject with you. Enjoy! Joshua Do You Need A Budget? Try the same budgeting software that I use and love! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/YNAB Are you looking for a financial advisor? Start your search here! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/Paladin Would you like to support Radical Personal Finance? Please become a Patron of the show! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

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