Love Life Connection

EP176: Raise Your Self-Worth and Attract More Money

July 11, 2019, 7:00 am • 34m

You might be thinking, Veronica, this is a podcast about finding love. Well, one, you’re the common denominator in your life. AND, if you’re struggling to attract high quality partners, it usually roots down to a problem with your self-worth. And if you have a problem with your self-worth, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have a problem with money. It’s no surprise to me (even though it’s often a surprise for my clients) that when they work with me, they also get promotions, better jobs, more clients, charge more in their business, or even start a side business that wasn’t even a blip on their radar. That’s because, raise your worth, raise your value. Raise your value people pay you more and people treat you better. It really can be that straightforward. Of course, the path to increasing your self-worth can be messy. So if you… ...Live paycheck to paycheck even though you know you make enough ...Believe you’re destined to not make a lot of money …Think you never have enough, no matter how much money you actually have  Then you’ll love this episode! After you listen to this episode, here are your next steps: Want to know what’s blocking you in love? Take my love block quiz to find out! You’ll also get a guide to help you start clearing it, based on your block. Are we connected on Instagram? Come say hello here! If you get value from the Love Life Connection, please rate & review it in iTunes. It only takes a sec to impact our ranking + it’ll help other women find our community!

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