Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew

Our miscarriage story

August 05, 2020, 12:52 pm • 38m

Today in episode 30 of Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew, we’re bringing you a little something different – a mini series all about our relationship! Today, we’re starting with trying to get pregnant and our miscarriage. If you wanted to take a look at the YouTube video we were referencing in this conversation, check it out here. ▶ If you haven’t yet, please rate Couple Things and subscribe to hear more. And if you have suggestions/recommendations for the show, send us your ideas in a video format – we might just choose yours! Email us at ––– We’re supported by the following companies we love! Make sure to check them out using our links below. Liquid IV! Get 25% off with code EASTFAM at checkout ▶

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