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TIP190: Jim Rickards (Part I) - Central Banking, Taxes, and Crypto - Business Podcast

May 13, 2018, 3:48 am • 43m

Jim Rickards is a New York Times Best Selling Author and major authority in central banking policy.Jim has worked on Wall Street for more than 35 years and his comments and commentary are frequently aired on CNBC, Bloomberg, and countless other national level news organizations.His books are on the recommended reading lists at businesses like Bridgewater Associates and major US banks.Our interview with Jim is two episodes long and this is the first half of the discussion. First we talk to him about his thoughts on the new tax bill.We talk about what has happened, and what he expects to happen moving forward.Jim talks about portfolio allocation, and we even get him to talk about crypto-currencies as well.Regardless, be prepared to her some interesting thoughts, all backed-up with a lot of statistics and analysis.Download yourfree audio book at AudibleGet a free share of stock and free trades atRobinhoodFind the best job candidate atZiprecruiterKnow when to buy and sell based on statistics and momentum w/TradeStopsIn this episode, you'll learn:·Why the tax bill won’t lead to economic growth ·How to allocate your portfolio when the stock market is expensive ·The difference between Bitcoin and distributed ledger·Why Stellar is a better cryptocurrency than Bitcoin

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