The Save The Marriage Podcast

What About Addictions?

August 09, 2018, 12:45 am • 23m

Sometimes, people want to check with me and see if my System addresses certain special issues.  One that recurs is the question about addictions.  What if they or their spouse is addicted?  Will that be a problem in saving the marriage? Since it is a recurring question, I decided to address it in this episode of the podcast. But the quick answer is "Yes, it is an issue.  Yes, it needs to be addressed.  But no, that does not discount or eliminate the issues in the marriage.  It adds another layer." The longer answer is addressed in the podcast. But first, let me be clear in saying that I believe humans have a propensity to addiction.  Many of us avoid immediately destructive addictions.  But many of us do fall prey to longer-term damage from addictions.  For example, sugar.  While it may not kill as quickly as alcohol or opiates, the long term damage is undeniable. In this case, we are looking, though, at more immediately damaging addictions, both to substances and processes (sex, gambling, etc.). If addictions, either your own or your spouse's, is adding to your marriage crisis, take a listen to see how the two pieces of the puzzle must be addressed. RELATED RESOURCES: 3 C's of Saving Your Marriage Showing UP About A WE System To Save Your Marriage

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