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The Fine Art of Finding Your Calling, With Jeff Goins

March 26, 2015

"Your activity needs to flow from your identity."It seems that A LOT of people struggle with the question, "What should I do with my life?"So I was really interested to have a conversation with today's guest, Jeff Goins, because that very question is at the heart of his new book,The Art of Work.Interestingly, he ended up re-writing entire book afterrealizing he had sanitized his own story of becominga writer, and needed to find and share a deeper set of truths.In this conversation, we also talk about the idea of polymaths - multi-talented people - and what a "portfolio life" is.If you've ever wondered what your calling is (and if you have one), you'll find this episode with Jeff Goins very interesting.Some questions I ask:How do you define vocation?Is there just one purpose for each of us to accomplish in life?What is a "portfolio life"?Can you master multiple talents? Or just practice them?What do you think about leaving a legacy?Links we mention:BirdmanThe Art of WorkParker PalmerThe Secret of My SuccessFrederick BuechnerWhat Should I Do With My Life?AJ JacobsKeith JenningsThe Age of UnreasonMasteryMr. Holland's OpusFollow Jeff:Blog | Twitter | Facebook"Your vocation is the reason you were born."

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