Over My Dead Body

The Husband | 1

February 12, 2019, 8:05 am • 42m

What makes a good marriage? Dan is smitten when he meets Wendi. But after a lavish wedding and a move to Tallahassee for Dan’s job, cracks in their relationship start to appear. Dan is blindsided when he comes home from a work trip and Wendi is gone. Maybe he should have read her novel.“Where the Enemy Sleeps” is performed by Scott Mackay featuring Lucette.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Simplisafe - Protect your home and family today and get get shipping on your order at simplisafe.com/overmyBoll & Branch - Get $50 off your first set of sheets at bollandbranch.com using promo code OVERMYRobinhood - Get a free stock when you sign up today at overmy.robinhood.com

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