Janus Descending

Janus Descending - Full Narrative Supercut

February 02, 2019, 5:01 am • 3h 42m

Two xenoarcheologists find themselves on a small world orbiting a binary star. But what starts off as an expedition to survey the planet and the remains of a lost alien civilization, turns into a monstrous game of cat and mouse, as the two scientists are left to face the creatures that killed the planet in the first place...   In Janus Descending... Chel - Jordan Cobb Peter - Anthony Olivieri Axel - Zach Libresco Captain Rori - Julia Schifini With additional voices by Jack Pevyhouse, Sarah Rhea Werner, Karyn Keene and Cristina Riegel Written, Directed and Produced - Jordan Cobb Sound Editor - Julia Schifini Monster Maker - Karyn Keene Composition - Daryl Banner Additional music - "Patricia" by STATEN   Janus Descending is a No Such Thing Production. To donate, read transcripts, or find out more about us, visit nosuchthingradio.com or patron.com/nosuchthingproductions Content Warning: Janus Descending is a horror narrative aimed at a mature audience, and as such, may contain material that is upsetting or triggering for certain people. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do not listen while driving.

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