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Quickie: 12 Ideas for First dates

March 06, 2017, 7:00 am • 18m

In this episode of Date Yourself Radio, I give you 12 ideas for first dates. I also tell you what you REALLY need on a first date, and why that’s actually more important than what you do on a date. I also tell you what to look out for, and what things may not make a great first date. Important: If you’re ready to bust through your love blocks and do something different in 2017, I invite you to check out how I work with women 1x1 to help them find their perfect for them relationship. Learn more HERE. Come say hello on Instagram! I’m @veronicaegrant. Take a picture of how you listen to Date Yourself Radio, and tag me in the comment! If you get value from Date Yourself Radio, please rate & review it in iTunes. It only takes a sec to impact our ranking + it’ll help other women find our community! Links from the show: Apply to work with me 1x1 HERE.

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