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295-You Don't Know What to Do Simply Because You Don't Yet Know What You Want

February 15, 2016, 8:09 pm • 22m

Over the weekend, I was reading the book "unWorking: Exit the Rat Race, Live Like a Millionaire, And Be Happy Now" by Clark Vandeventer while sitting in a tire repair shop, waiting for my tire to be patched. When I came to this page, I stopped. And then I had an epiphany. When you're very, very clear on what you want, it's simple and easy to decide what to do. But when you don't know what you want, it's almost impossible to decide what to do. So, do you know what you want? Enjoy the show! Joshua unWorking by Clark Vandeventer http://rpf.link/1oEAdxT the page that stopped me http://rpf.link/knowwhatwewant  Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron 

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