The Save The Marriage Podcast

Surviving Separation

October 12, 2017, 12:45 am • 24m

If you have listened long to my podcasts, you probably know that I am not big on separations.  In fact, unless there is some physical risk, I discourage separations.  I think they run counter to working on a relationship. But. . . sometimes, a separation is unavoidable. So, how do you survive a separation, especially if you didn't want the separation (or if you did, and now see it was a mistake)? I'll tell you the reasons why I don't like separations.  There are 3 reasons. There are some tasks that need to happen, both on individual and couple levels, during the separation.  You can take on 3 tasks for yourself. Listen in to the podcast for how to survive a separation. RESOURCES ON SEPARATION: Separation Podcast Separation Article No Chasing

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