144 Cullen Callaghan – Little Monsters (Part I)

144 Cullen Callaghan – Little Monsters (Part I)

October 28, 2019 • 64m
This episode is double the fun, so we had to break it up into two parts! This week, listen to the first half of our conversation with Cullen Callaghan of the Gleeboot podcast. We dive deep into teen soaps, the Luke Perry memorial episode of Riverdale, conspiracy theories, musicals, and 90210’s parallels to Glee (thanks to Wilde Rebellion on Tumblr). Part II is where we examine the season five episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, “Little Monsters.” That part will drop next week, unless you support the show on Patreon at the “Les Wildcats” level or above, where you can...

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