NoSleep Podcast S18E03

NoSleep Podcast S18E03

The NoSleep Podcast Creative Reason Media Inc.
July 10, 2022 • 70m
Tune in to Episode 3 of Season 18 for fiendishly frightening games!“Hide and Seek” written by A.A. de Levine (Story starts around 00:02:50)Produced by: Phil MichalskiCast: Narrator – Linsay Rousseau“The Game of” written by R.T. Greene (Story starts around 00:06:30)Produced by: Phil MichalskiCast: Narrator – Peter Lewis“Frosted Glass” written by Chris Allinotte (Story starts around 00:14:10)Produced by: Phil MichalskiCast: Narrator – Mary Murphy“Bubblehead Road” written by M.J. Pack (Story starts around 00:24:20)TRIGGER WARNING!Produced by: Jesse CornettCast: Pam – Nichole Goodnight, Barbara – Sarah Ruth Thomas, Mark – Graham Rowat, Dennis – Dan Zappulla, Woman – Erin Lillis“The Shatter Box” written by Paul O’Neill (Story starts around 01:03:45)TRIGGER WARNING!Produced by: Jeff ClementCast: Dan...

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