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TIP223: Billionaire Michael Dell Lessons (Business Podcast)

December 30, 2018, 3:30 am • 41m

Topics on Today’s Show:The story behind starting up DellWhy a negative cash conversion cycle is key for the growth of any businessHow Michael Dell created a strategy for rapid growthWhich challenges Michael Dell had and how he overcame themAsk the Investors: How do you find a co-founder, and how did Preston and Stig meet?Important Links:Download yourfree audio book at Audible.Find the best job candidate atZiprecruiter.Create original investment research withINVRS.Move your business to the cloud withNetsuite.Get access to the future of real estate investing withFundrise.Move your business forward withTripActions.Explore a mobile plan that can change as your business does withTelstra.

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