Passenger List

03. Kinshasa

September 23, 2019, 7:00 am • 36m

A sick passenger, an anxious gate attendant, the man in the green jacket. Sponsorship for this episode comes from Squarespace, The RealReal and Upstart. Visit to see a script and full list of credits for “Kinshasa,” and join the investigation. New episodes every Monday. Passenger List was created, co-written and co-directed by John Scott Dryden; co-written and co-directed by Lauren Shippen; and edited and sound designed by Mark Henry Phillips, who also composed the music for the show. “Kinshasa” was written by Kevin Rodriguez. Passenger List is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. WAYNE LaPEER – Nathan Osgood WENDY LaPEER – Lorelei King BEATRICE LaPEER – Lauren Shippen DOLORES – Kathleen Early KAITLIN LE – Kelly Marie Tran MARTIN DOBBS – Richard Doyle KIEN LE – George Nguyen CHUCK – Adrian Latourelle WILLIAM SCHROEDER – Kristian Bruun MAN IN BLUE BLAZER – Rob Benedict DYLAN – Colin Morgan

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