Invest Like a Boss

08: Peer to Peer Lending Strategies & Structuring Atypical Investments

June 27, 2016, 8:03 am • 1h 18m

Mario has been Sam's personal CPA since 2013 and has him structured dozens of atypical investments. Having filed thousands of tax returns in his careers and created and reviewed countless financial models, Mario has unique insight to the investing world. Sam and Mario discuss P-2-P investment strategies, gambles in property investing, the importance of cash flow historically and in modern times, and structuring new investments in the portfolio. Relevant links for guest: Mario’s firm – Linkedin –  Where are we: Mario – Connecticut, USA Sam – Singapore What we are drinking: Sam: Penfold’s Magill Estate Shiraz 2013 (9pm ICT) Mario: WL Welling Bourbon (9am EST) Recommended (books, subscriptions):  Book: Demographic Cliff by Harry Dent Discussed (relevant links): PeerStreet Lending Club Vanguard Betterment Wealthfront Empire Flippers Glints SmartMat SC Storage MapleTree Time Stamp – Topic 05:30 – Setting up investments structure 06:30 – Automated reporting vs. manual reporting investments 09:00 – Tracking investments over multiple years 12:00 – PeerStreet – investment opportunity 12:30 – Lending Club & P-2-P lending strategies 15:55 – New PeerStreet investment & discussion 20:20 – Liquidity in P-2-P lending 22:50 – Loan-To-Value ratios 26:50 – Personally guaranteeing loans 30:30 – Mario’s investment insight from being a CPA 32:50 – Making money (or losing) in real estate gambles 34:00 – The importance of fixed income in property investing 39:00 – Investing in the S&P 500 42:00 – Demographics in investing 46:00 – Empire flippers – digital product investment fund 54:00 – Mario’s upcoming property investment 57:00 – Investing in property vs. REITs 58:00 – Why Mario is bullish on residential rental investments 1:03 – Sam’s new investment activity recap – Glints – Black Hops Brewing – SmartMat – SC Storage – MapleTree Reit’s 1:17:00 – Don’t forget your reporting! If you enjoyed this episode, do us a favor and share it! Also if you haven’t already, please take a minute to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and claim your bonus here! Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Read our disclaimer here.

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