Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints)

Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints)

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil Earwolf & Jameela Jamil
December 03, 2021 • 84m
Youtuber, political commentator, and "ex-philosopher" Natalie Wynn (aka ContraPoints) joins Jameela this week to discuss the experience of going through big life discoveries/changes publicly, speaking out when having lots of visibility online, the similarities between fatphobia and transphobia, "cringe-culture" and why it is so powerful, and more.  Check out ContraPoints on Youtube - You can follow Natalie on Instagram and Twitter@contrapoints You can find transcripts for this episode on the Earwolf website. I Weigh has amazing merch - check it out at Jameela is on Instagram @jameelajamilofficial and Twitter @Jameelajamil And make sure to check out I Weigh's Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube for more!...

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