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Naomi Pomeroy Eats In Front of Customers

April 10, 2017, 4:00 am • 57m

Naomi Pomeroy’s Portland restaurant Beast turns 10 this year, and over the past decade, the self-made chef has mellowed. Ten years of running the restaurant, which, so far, has stuck to a six-course menu and set seating times, has taught the Pomeroy to yell less, adapt more, and consistently prioritize fun in the kitchen. “The key to my success has always been empowering the people around me,” she says. Another likely contributor: fan-favorite appearances on two TV shows. After getting her start in food with her own catering company at 22, she’s done all this without ever having worked for “one of those old man chefs.” Pomeroy stopped by the Eater Upsell to chat with Upsell hosts Helen and Greg about her rules for the kitchen, drawing menu inspiration from the sky, and being “robbed” of an Iron Chef win. We'd LOVE to hear from you. Email us with your questions, comments, suggestions at and check us out on twitter! Naomi: Helen: Greg: Eater:

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