207 - LOST: CAT

207 - LOST: CAT

Welcome to Night Vale Night Vale Presents
May 01, 2022 • 26m
Lost: cat. Last seen hovering 4 feet off the ground in the radio station bathroom. Reward if found. Weather: “Stockpiled Guns & TV Dinners” by Mal Blum Transcript available at 2022 US / CANADA / EUROPE TOUR DATES for “The Haunting of Night Vale” Hot Night Vale merch! FACELESS OLD WOMAN novel now available in paperback! Patreon is how we exist! If you can, please help us keep making this show: Music: Disparition Logo: Rob Wilson Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Check out our books, live shows, store, membership program, and official recap show. Produced by Night Vale Presents.

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