Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation

Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation

Strategic Growth Podcast The Golding Group
March 16, 2022 • 28m
"The Professor" Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA is taking a deep dive into the scourge of modern communications: Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation. We identify, define and discuss the different types of media manipulations prevalent in today's 24/7 global media mix. Misinformation is false, but not created or shared with the intention of causing harm. Disinformation is deliberately created to mislead, harm, or manipulate a person, social group, organization, or country. Malinformation is based on fact, but used out of context to mislead, harm, or manipulate. Pritch references the disinformation literacy resources of PRSA: To contact us for advice, assistance or collaboration:

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