How To Be A Good B2B Client and Service Provider

How To Be A Good B2B Client and Service Provider

Strategic Growth Podcast The Golding Group
July 06, 2022 • 34m
A business opportunity often missed is making the most of B2B collaborations by being a good client or service provider. This advice goes for both parties in a business relationship. We give you 5 areas of emphasis to strengthen and extend your potential business partnerships for Win/Win opportunities. 1) Focus 2) Honesty 3) Expectations 4) Communication 5) Partnership. Let's talk about it. Listen, watch, stream or subscribe: The Golding Group Strategic Growth Podcast (formerly known as the #NeoMarketing podcast) offers real-world advice, expert analysis and smart success strategies for entrepreneurs, investors, decision-makers and business leaders. Make sure to subscribe, so you...

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