The Save The Marriage Podcast

The Path To Peaceful Conversation

May 30, 2019, 12:45 am • 33m

How do you make a shift, from painful communication to peaceful conversation? What if you have something difficult to discuss with your partner?  How do you start?  What do you do?  What path do you follow? My guest on the Save The Marriage Podcast, is Susan Allan.  After talking her way out of a very dangerous situation with her ex-spouse, Susan set out to discover better ways of communication in difficult relationships. Susan created the 6 Part Conversation Process in her attempt to help others communicate better. Over the years, Susan has used this process (and taught this process) to thousands of individuals and couples. In my interview, we cover the first 2 parts of the process (for the full process, find the entire interview at Relationship Rewrite). The first 2 foundational parts set the scene for a conversation that can be had and heard... that may just get you to a different place in your relationship. Listen to the podcast below. RELATED RESOURCES It Isn't Just Communication But There ARE Communication Issues Susan Allan's Website Relationship Rewrite Save The Marriage System

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