Almost 30

Ep. 345 -Lo Bosworth on Mental Health + Being Your Own Advocate

July 28, 2020, 10:00 am • 58m

THE INTERVIEW Lo Bosworth is the BEST. She walks the talk when it comes to supporting women. Many of you probably know her from seeing her grow up on The Hills and Laguna Beach — and she shares how difficult it is to be in the spotlight at such a young age.  Post TV stardom, Lo has found her passion — women's health and wellness. She is the founder and CEO of Love Wellness, a company that strives to help women feel authentically their best. She does not neglect the mental health part of wellness either. She is so refreshingly open about her anxiety and struggles with mental health. We dive into health and wellness, making a pivot in your life, building a brand, female friendships, and being vulnerable.   We also talk about: Growing up in the spotlight From influencer to business owner Creating an authentic business and brand Fixing your gut health Doing an elimination diet to figure out how your body reacts to food Supporting women Leaning into vulnerability   Find more to love at!   Resources: Instagram: @lovewellness Instagram: @lobosworth Check out our latest workbooks and downloadables: Check out our New Paradigm workshops at   Sponsors: SAKARA | Go to and use code ALMOSTSAKARA for 20% off your first order EverlyWell | Get 15% off a test using code ALMOST30 at BLUblox | Use code ALMOST30 for 15% off at Pretty Litter | Visit and use the promo code ALMOST30 for 20% off your first order   Almost 30 is edited by Crate Media

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