Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker

#13: Kids And Money (with guest Rachel Cruze)

October 11, 2016, 6:00 am • 43m

Dr. Meg talks with financial expert and author Rachel Cruze about her new book Love Your Life Not Theirs. They discuss kids and money, specifically contentment and comparisons that parents face and how that impacts their children. This episode also features Dr. Meg’s Points To Ponder as well as a featured social question about a mother who is trying to be less explosive with her child. 0:27 – WELCOME   1:20 – PARENTING TOOL – Dr. Meg’s books Go to for information on her books or online programs.   2:27 – A CONVERSATION WITH RACHEL CRUZE (PART 1) Dr. Meg talks to Rachel about kids and money. Rachel’s new book Love Your Life Not Theirs is available at   21:38 – TAKE THE SURVEY AND SUPPORT THE PODCAST Take the survey and enter a monthly drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card.   22:44 – A CONVERSATION WITH RACHEL CRUZE (PART 2) Dr. Meg concludes her conversation with Rachel about kids and money.   27:15 – POINTS TO PONDER Dr. Meg shares her three points for you that are parent ready to start today!   35:34 – LET’S GET SOCIAL Email Dr. Meg or tweet her @megmeekermd. Dr. Meg answers an email question from a mom who has explosions and yells at her child. She asks Dr. Meg for any tips on how to avoid the behavior.   41:23 – PARENT PEP RALLY   42:58 – CALL TO ACTION Like Dr. Meg Meeker on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @megmeekermd Share the podcast, write an iTunes review, and click subscribe. We appreciate it!

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