Tina Brown on Harry and Meghan’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Exit

Tina Brown on Harry and Meghan’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Exit

Sway New York Times Opinion
April 25, 2022 • 40m
Whether it’s the Queen’s platinum jubilee, Meghan and Harry ditching their royal roles or the sexual assault allegations against Prince Andrew, Buckingham Palace has kept the media, and the public, hooked on the goings-on of a thousand-year-old institution. Tina Brown has been covering the royal family since the days of Diana, most recently in her forthcoming book, “The Palace Papers.”In this conversation, the former Vanity Fair editor talks to Kara Swisher about how Elizabeth has sustained her relevance over her seven decades of rule and what happens to the British monarchy when she dies. They also discuss what’s happening in...

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