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PSP 117: Helping Kids with Selective Mutism

May 06, 2019, 11:41 pm • 49m

Selective Mutism can hide behind labels like “shy” and often gets missed by parents, educators and even therapists. I had the pleasure of talking to Patsy Butterworth, a State Coordinator for Selective and a mom to a child with Selective Mutism. Patsy has been a huge advocate for her son through his journey. She now supports other parents, connecting them to resources and spreading knowledge about Selective Mutism.In my interview with Patsy, she helps us understand what Selective Mutism is and what it is not. She also talks about how to advocate for your child, get a proper diagnosis and how parents can help their child with Selective Mutism. Resources for Parents Raising Kids with Selective Mutism: a Treating Professional Find a state/international coordinator from the selective mutism and anxiety research and treatment center: Support groups by state's a link to the Child Mind Institute's selective mustim page's a video from Dr. Annie Simpson.She condensed a lot of information and practical tools into a one hour video.It's my favorite one to share with teachers and providers. https://anxietycanada.comBooks on Selective Mutism: Selective Mutism Assessment Guide Selective Mutism: Parents Field Guide’s Books: Lola’s Voice Disappeared Lola’s Voice Disappeared Activity Book and Journal*** This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.Visit my website at www.ATparentingSurvival.comInterested in my AT Parenting Community Membership? Click below to join us! Sign up for my weekly email newsletter: one of my online classes:To view the entire online school library, go to:http://anxioustoddlers.teachable.comClasses include:How to Crush Social Anxiety Kids with OCD Moral OCD in Kids Kids to Crush Anxiety Kids with Anxiety or OCD Through Difficult Behaviors Kids Who are Scared to

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