Pantsuit Politics

Antifa, Proud Boys, and Extremist Ideologies

August 20, 2019, 7:00 am • 1h 5m

Topics Discussed: Economy (02:29) Native Presidential Forum (12:08) Kabul Wedding Attack (13:55) Disabled People and Gun Control (16:09) Compliments: Beto O'Rourke & California Law Enforcement (17:40) Defining the Political Spectrum (26:59) Antifa (30:41) Proud Boys (35:17) Dealing with Extremist Ideologies in America (39:54) Outside of Politics (58:30) Pantsuit Politics in the Wild: Nuance Nation Tour tickets  Evolving Faith (October 4-5) Ideas at Work (October 16) Blissdom (November 14-16) Sponsors: Express VPN Bombas Thank you for being a part of our community! We couldn't do what we do without you. To become a tangible supporter of the show, please visit our Patreon page, purchase a copy of our book, I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening), or share the word about our work in your own circles.  Episode Resources: The Economy: Trump tests a materialistic message to voters (CNN) In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy (The New York Times) Five of the world's biggest economies are at risk. Here's where the US stands (CNN) Proud Boys, Antifa, and Liberal Democracy: The assault on conservative journalist Andy Ngo, explained (Vox) What Is Antifa? Explaining the Movement to Confront the Far Right (The New York Times) Can you really be a fascist without being a racist? ( Can Antifa Build an Effective Broad-Based Anti-Fascist Movement? (Films for Action) Three Percenters: What is the gun-toting group? And what do its supporters want? (USA Today) Proud Boys rally in Portland is latest test for police (NBC News) The Proud Boys, the bizarre far-right street fighters behind violence in New York, explained (Vox) The Proud Boys: Drinking Club or Misogynist Movement? (To the Best of Our Knowledge) Portland mayor praises police after 'largely peaceful' day of far-right, far-left demonstrations (Fox News) Antifa and Far-Right Groups Face Off in Portland as Trump Weighs In (The New York Times) Far-right and antifa groups both claim victory at Portland (Associated Press)

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