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EP59: Awaken The Rebel and Be A Badass with Shereen Thor

March 02, 2017, 7:00 am • 1h 4m

Get ready to fall in love with Shereen Thor. Part comedian, part life coach, part bad ass. Today, we had an important conversation how to effectively communicate with men, how to be yourself even if it pisses off other people, and finding your version of an extraordinary life. And no, you don’t have to sell all your possessions and sail around the world. (But you can if you want to!) Here’s what you’ll learn: -How to communicate with men effectively -How to be yourself and live your life without pissing others off -The mindset you need to be in to date for less stress and emotional overwhelm -Finding your version of an extraordinary life -How to let the masculine support you without losing your sense of who you are   About Shereen: SHEREEN THOR is a bad ass on a mission, though she doesn’t care about seeming important so she won’t bore you with insignificant details that will make you think she’s impressive.  She is not. She is just a regular gal doing her best to piss off the world and leave it a better place. She focuses her energy mostly on life purpose, family & lifestyle design.  Freedom is of utmost importance, she can’t live without it and would die for the cause of helping others have it as well. So naturally, she’s kind of a pain in the ass. Many of us are complex beings who have many sides and we struggle to pick one. Shereen says fuck that. Don’t pick one. Be all of you.  You are exquisite and you are perfect, but you are also inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. So don’t make this thing called life a big deal, just do you, Boo. Your next steps: -Ready to stop feeling lonely and anxious and find a partner that feels like an equal? Apply my 1x1 coaching HERE. -If you get value from Date Yourself Radio, please rate & review it in iTunes. It only takes a sec to impact our ranking + it’ll help other women find our community! Grab all the links mentioned in the show at  

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