Beyond the To-Do List

Episode 91: Time Hacking: Julie Sheranosher (@ImJulieTweets) on how you should look at time – BTTDL092

March 18, 2015, 1:27 am • 50m

Julie Sheranosher was a Captain in the army and had absolutely no choice but to get REALLY good with time management. She found out that she had a talent for understanding people’s needs and routines and matching them with custom-tailored time management systems that work for them. Make sure to check out Julie’s Podcast: Time Hackers Please connect with me Subscribe, rate, and review in iTunes Follow @ErikJFisher Check out more Network shows The Audacity to Podcast: "How-to" podcast about podcasting Beyond the To-Do List: Personal and professional productivity The Productive Woman: Productivity for busy women ONCE: Once Upon a Time podcast Welcome to Level Seven: Agents of SHIELD and Marvel’s cinematic universe podcast Are You Just Watching?: Movie reviews with Christian critical thinking the Ramen Noodle: Family-friendly clean comedy

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