FF+ GameStop: Rise of the Players

FF+ GameStop: Rise of the Players

Feelin' Film Aaron White and Patrick Hicks
January 28, 2022 • 23m
This week's episode features a special guest joining me to talk about the newest documentary from the team that brought us "Console Wars", this time chronicling the historic amateur investor uprising that sent GameStop stock to the moon.Follow & SubscribeAaronTwitterFacebookLetterboxdPatrickTwitterFeelin' FilmFacebookTwitterWebsiteEmail feelinfilm@gmail.comFeelin' Film on Apple PodcastsFeelin' Film on Google PlayFeelin' Film on StitcherFeelin' Film on TuneInFeelin' Film on OvercastFeelin' Film on SpotifyJoin the Facebook Discussion GroupMusic: Upbeat Party - Scott Holmes MusicRate/Review us on iTunes and on your podcast app of choice! It helps bring us exposure so that we can get more people involved in the conversation. Thank you!Support this...

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