The Dark Subreddit of Men’s Rights Asians

The Dark Subreddit of Men’s Rights Asians

ICYMI Slate Podcasts
September 18, 2021 • 30m
Men’s Rights Asians are a group of men whose concern for anti-Asian racism in America has led them on a grim path of anti-Blackness and harassing Asian women. On today’s show, Rachelle and Madison are joined by Slate’s Aaron Mak, whose recent cover story, “Men’s Rights Asians Think This Is Their Moment,” dove into his two year stint embedded in this online Reddit community and what he’s learned about their structure, tactics, and the vitriolic anger constantly simmering within it. Rachelle and Madison also explain the baffling “good soup” meme on TikTok.Podcast production by Daniel Schroeder and Derek John. Learn...

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