The Fierce Marriage Podcast

I Love You... I Just Don't LIKE You Right Now

March 10, 2020, 10:30 am • 52m

If you'd rather be at work than at home, then you may not LIKE your spouse... or, if you'd prefer to spend time with others over your spouse, then you may not LIKE each other as much as you realized. The examples go on! This problem is not uncommon among otherwise happily married couples. What's uncommon, however, is when couples know how to get back to a place of friendship even though their friendship has all but died. Listen and enjoy, we hope this episode helps and blesses you. Thanks for listening! Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review. As always, we welcome feedback... simply go to to leave a comment or to ask a question! Become a Patron! Support for the Fierce Marriage Podcast comes from partners like you via Patreon. If our content has helped you, we'd be honored if you'd consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Visit

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