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Don’t Blame Valentine!

February 15, 2018, 1:45 am • 20m

Let me just say, from the outset, I AM a fan of romance. That said, I DON'T like when "romantic feelings" are used as the yardstick for a marriage.  If you are dating someone and have no romantic feelings, ever, that is a reason for concern.  If you have been married for awhile and are not feeling the romance... that is something to work on.  Not a reason to walk away. Which brings us to the last couple of days. Today (the day this episode comes out) is Valentine's Day.  According to tradition, it honors a priest, Valentine. During the reign of Emperor Claudius II in third century Rome, Valentine disobeyed the emperor.  Claudius had decided that young single men made good soldiers.  Not so good when attached to a love.  So, he forbade marriage. But Valentine persisted in marrying young couples in love. And according to tradition, he paid the price of disobeying with his life. There are other twists and turns to the history of Valentine's day.  But the fact remains that the day is in honor of St. Valentine. Which is the point I think we miss.  He stood for marriage.  Not just romance.  Marriage.  He didn't condone love.  He supported marriage.  He married those in love.  It was not him trying to get people to fall in love.  He was marrying those in love. Why does that matter? Because of how we have elevated the feeling of being "in love."  Otherwise known as infatuation.  An unsustainable rush of excitement and adrenaline that acts like obsession and addiction.  But has somehow become the yardstick of a successful marriage. Is it great when those emotions resurface throughout a marriage?  Absolutely. But when they become the yardstick... trouble. Listen to the podcast for more. RELATED RESOURCES: Kill Cupid Connection Adrenaline vs. Endorphin Attraction Save The Marriage System

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