The Save The Marriage Podcast

Why I STILL Believe In Marriage

May 23, 2019, 12:45 am • 25m

I suppose I have seen marriages in pretty tough spots.  Destructive and hurting, I've watched relationships both heal and end.  I've also had the privilege of seeing some pretty amazing marriages. So, when I was asked by a client a few days ago, "After all this time, do you really still believe in marriage?", I paused.  Not because I wasn't sure about my answer.  I just wanted to be clear about my answer. Somewhat flippantly, I replied, "Believe in it? I've seen it!  I'm even in one!" But more deeply, that question triggered me.  Yes, of course I still believe in marriage.  I work with hurting marriages every day.  I coach, teach, and even push people toward better relationships, healthier marriages. Still, that question.... WHY do I believe in marriage? Because the problem is not with marriage.  It's with how we do it. Culture certainly needs to act to help with people who are getting married... so that people are better prepared. But guess what?  YOU can act to improve your marriage....  That makes all the difference, as we work to save and improve marriages one relationship at a time. Listen to the podcast episode below. RELATED RESOURCES Nature of Marriage Thriving Marriage Series My Mission My Save The Marriage System

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