The 5 AM Miracle: Productivity Strategies for High Achievers

Wim Hof, Cold Exposure, and Radical Breathing Techniques

December 18, 2017

Ready for a radical health intervention? In this week's episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I discuss one of the most powerful health programs I've ever seen, the Wim Hof Method.From cold therapy and intense breathing techniques to a big announcement about the future of this podcast, this is an episode you don't want to miss!Resources Mentioned in the ShowThe Free-Time Formula [New Book by Jeff Sanders]Health IQ [Special Rate Life Insurance for Health Conscious People]Live Happy Now Podcast [From Live Happy Magazine, Hosted by Jeff Sanders]Wim Hof Method [Cold Therapy and Breathing Techniques for Incredible Health]Wim Hof Method Explained [Learn more about how and why the method could work for you]Inside the Superhuman World of The Iceman [Vice Documentary]Wim Hof Interviewed by Joe Rogan [Joe Rogan Experience #712]Wim Hof Interviewed by Rich Roll [The Rich Roll Show #231]

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